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Liberty Bumper Stickers

Liberty Bumper Stickers
An easy way for everyone to constantly share the idea of Liberty

These are offered at the lowest price allowed by Zazzle. Colors of the background and font can be changed to your preference. Or you can take these ideas as a gift from me, just as I received them from others, and use them to make other things here. Ideas are free, and the most powerful force in the universe.

Bumper stickers are a simple and effective way for everybody (even the timid) to share the idea of liberty. Large numbers doing this will help achieve a critical mass of people knowing enough about Liberty for it to replace government after it collapses from its own inherent flaws.

After putting a couple on my truck for the first time during the 2010 campaign season, they caused some good discussions. People really do receive the ideas in these messages. Since then, more have been gradually added and some were improved to communicate more effectively.

People's reactions have been interesting. There were a few who got it immediately and expressed support for the liberty bumper stickers. Others seemed concerned for my sanity, without coming right out and saying so :-) The latter are the people that most needed the resulting discussions about liberty, to better understand why I won't silently consent to government violation of our natural rights. There have been some interesting visits with people in parking lots, where the most visible locations are preferred. It would be great to see more people with at least one liberty bumper sticker, and multiple stickers would be better.

Help spread the idea of liberty with
Liberty Bumper Stickers
Below is a list of the sticker categories. Browse around and send others here if you like what you find.

The minimum allowed 10% profit goes toward activities for Liberty by the seller


Liberty Debt & Deficit Anti-Government Empire & Foreign Policy
Seniors Education Anti-War (Peace) Freedom From Government
Youth Fed & Big Banks Austrian Economics Anti-Prohibition (Drug War, etc...)
Political Tyranny of Security Revolution & Protest Middle Class & Working Class
Socialism   US Constitution Tax, Regulation & Small Business