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Audio - The Case Against The Fed by Murray Rothbard

As a convenience, all 5-hours of the Ludwig von Mises Institute audios of the chapters in order are linked below and local to this site for its downloading. You can also download a 70Mb zipped file including all these chapters. The original audio files are available free online (in reverse order) or can be purchased at the Ludwig von Mises Institute.

A few simple tables are read by the narrator which you can see in the text version which you can also buy.

  1. The Genesis of Money
  2. What is the Optimum Quantity of Money?
  3. Monetary Inflation and Counterfeiting
  4. Legalized Counterfeiting
  5. Loan Banking
  6. Deposit Banking
  7. Problems for the Fractional–Reserve Banker: The Criminal Law
  8. Problems for the Fractional–Reserve Banker: Insolvency
  9. Booms and Busts
  10. Types of Warehouse Receipts
  11. Enter the Central Bank
  12. Easing the Limits on Bank Credit Expansion
  13. The Central Bank Buys Assets
  14. Origins of the Federal Reserve: The Advent of the National Banking System
  15. Origins of the Federal Reserve: Wall Street Discontent
  16. Putting Cartelization Across: The Progressive Line
  17. Putting a Central Bank Across: Manipulating a Movement, 1897–1902
  18. The Central Bank Movement Revives, 1906–1910
  19. Culmination at Jekyll Island
  20. The Fed at Last: Morgan–Controlled Inflation
  21. The New Deal and the Displacement of the Morgans
  22. Deposit "Insurance"
  23. How the Fed Rules and Inflates
  24. What Can Be Done?